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Chengdu single face colored steel phenolic board


Chengdu single face colored steel phenolic board

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Chengdu plastic steel plate made of plates of phenolic rectangular duct, duct dimensions are wind tube edge size. Each sheet air pipe side should be cut at an angle of 45 degrees slope, with four pieces of duct sheet into rectangular duct. When using 20mm thick wind pipe plate, plate material on both sides should be higher than the wind pipe length 40mm of each duct. Rectangular duct can be combined using a method, U method, L - two - two, four plate method etc.. Method of using different combinations of lofting lofting calculation of different sizes, size according to the combination of single duct production tasks required. According to the layout size calculation of steel ruler or steel tape on the plate with square measure, Aluminum Alloy by foot and brush to draw plate cutting, V slot line, 45 degrees slope line on the plate.

T shaped rectangular duct consists of two rectangular tube. According to the method of rectangular duct lofting lofting, respectively. Chengdu plastic steel plate head hole in the phenolic design, the size of holes for the corresponding branch length. Measure with ruler, brush and Aluminum Alloy ruler draw cutting line and V shape slot, 45 degrees slope line.

Before the first check the cutting wind pipe plate lofting meets duct production task requirements, marking correctly, plate damage; second check tool installation is solid, the blade extends out of compliance with requirements. Straight knife blade extending height should be able to cut plate material, not to hurt the desktop carpet; single blade and double knife blade extending height should be able to cut off the upper aluminum foil and core material, not to hurt the lower color steel plate; two cutter spacing is about 2mm, according to the requirements of the cutting edge left 45 degrees or 45 degrees right single plane single plane the sheet is placed on the work table, square Aluminum Alloy by foot parallel fixed in place; hand tools, tool reference edge close party Aluminum Alloy ruler, pressing plate, cutter base line alignment lofting line, push forward or backward pulling tool, knife cut sheet; pole plate trimming; double the knife will cut into single sheet plate slot; block wind pipe plate, wind pipe plate number, in case of different wind pipe duct plate for the mistake, bending plate, pressure groove in the bending zone with bending machine.

According to the wind pipe production task check wind pipe panel with the design requirements; the clean Chengdu plastic steel plate cutting the phenolic powder, remove grease, water stains, dirt, and then use the brush in a cutting plane coating adhesive, glue to stick in hand, the wind pipe panel according to the design requirements for bonded, and the scraper flat. It is difficult to scrape flat part, available wood hammer hammer gently; check whether the plate seam adhesive meet quality standards, to meet the quality requirements, the color plate bending 90 degrees, fixed by rivets, rivet spacing is not greater than 10cm; after fixation, the sealant into the sealant gun, to clean wind pipe sizing in the four corners, with a gun in the wind tube side uniform sealant glue, sealant plugging after compaction. Forming with the ruler and square to check bonded air pipe is to meet the quality requirements.

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